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A guide for buying RV toilet

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For a comfortable trip, the toilet is essential. But with so many technologies and functions to choose from, how to choose the most suitable toilet for an RV can be confusing! We have compiled this guide to help you choose the best model for yourself and your RV.


Personal circumstances


How many toilets do you want in the car?

If you have a large trailer and want to have more than one toilet, add a vacuum or immersion toilet. Waste bins do not need to be installed directly under such toilets. The maximum distance between the bin and the toilet can be up to 50 feet, using the sewer discharge, increase your installation location choice.


What if there is limited space to install the toilet?

The bathroom on the trailer is usually limited in space and has a unique layout. The following three styles usually solve the problem:

Cassette toilet with 360 ° rotating urinals - base, provides an unlimited in narrow space installation options.

Squat toilets have a small footprint and are suitable for compact Spaces and can even be installed on elevated platforms without affecting user comfort.

The compact pedal flush toilet now includes both immersion and vacuum toilets, so gravity flush toilets are not the only option for small toilets.


Which kind of toilet is best for the elderly or disabled?

Squat toilets should be avoided unless installed on elevated platforms. The size of the toilet seat is similar to that of a domestic toilet, making it more convenient to use. In addition, should avoid to use foot to flush type toilet, and should choose to match the electric flush toilet of traditional flush handle or wall type switch.


Do you plan to travel long?

If you're likely to be out for a long time and can't empty the litter box frequently, you may need to pay more attention to the toilet system to ensure comfort. Cars equipped with boxed or portable toilets should be equipped with one (or two) spare bins to increase their capacity.


Are you traveling to distant destinations?

If you may be out of water or power for a long time, it's worth installing a box or portable toilet on your car. These two types can be installed anywhere and do not require electricity. All portable and some boxed toilets are equipped with special storage tanks that you can fill up before your trip.


The following are five popular lavatories for RV:

Gravity flush - this is the most traditional house car toilet, after decades of trial and error. The easiest way to flush this kind of toilet is to flush the waste directly into the large-capacity waste bin, ensuring a reliable and direct flushing effect. When installing gravity flush toilet, must install waste bin directly below toilet.

Immersion flushing - the motor drive blade first softens waste leaching into high viscosity mortar before flushing it into a large waste bin. With this flushing technology, the toilet and the bin can be installed at a distance. Because of the leaching, the waste in the box is more liquid. This reduces the amount of waste "piling up" and makes flushing water easier and more thorough.

Vacuum flushing - urinal waste is forced into a vacuum storage container and a vacuum pump, which is then pumped to a large capacity waste bin. Unlike the immersion toilet, the toilet and the bin can be installed at a distance using this flushing technology. In other words, the vacuum toilet can be installed almost anywhere in the trailer.

Boxed - boxed toilets are mainly used in caravans and campers. These toilet technologies provide compact flush toilets that can be mounted on top of small removable "boxed" waste bins. When flushing water, the waste can be washed directly into the bin. When the bin is full, you can manually remove the waste from the service port, dump it into a standard toilet or other waste disposal container, and then reinstall it under the toilet.

Portable - portable toilets are made up of light plastic flush toilets and small waste bins and are common in small camping cars and tents. When the bin is full, you can take it out from under the toilet, dump it into a standard toilet or other waste disposal area, and then reinstall it under the toilet.


How to avoid the toilet odor?

In many cases, the main reason the toilet smells bad is that the waste bin is right under the gravity flush toilet. The litter box is right under the toilet, which can make the smell permeate the bathroom. There are two good ways to prevent this from happening, either by installing a immersion toilet or a vacuum one. When these two types of toilets are installed, the waste bin is not directly connected to the flush toilet, so there will be no odor.

The flexible hose that connects the toilet to the waste bin may still give off a little odour for the immersion or vacuum toilet, but the odour won't permeate the PVC pipe. Therefore, ensure that the garbage pipeline is properly connected to the waste bin, so as to avoid the residual sewage in the sewage pipe after flushing.

For gravity flush toilet, the water left in the toilet can be used as the odor isolation layer between the toilet and the waste bin. To continue this important function, sealing and flushing or flushing valves must be kept clean and smooth so that water does not leak out and overflow the toilet. Attention should be paid to regular cleaning to ensure this function is effective. Mineral and waste deposits can damage the seal, meaning the protective water seal will not work.

In order to avoid the peculiar smell of the box or gravity flush toilet, the special waste disposal tool for this kind of toilet system should be used. It is also important to keep the waste bin well ventilated to help ensure that the waste bin treatment tools are working properly and to minimize odors. Remember, on a technical level, the waste bin of the box toilet is in the car. Therefore, if waste bins are not properly handled or poorly ventilated, odors are more likely to be detected.

Waste disposal tool solutions are available for all types of toilets. No matter be treated fluid or put into a bag, can prevent peculiar smell effectively.


Which stationary toilets are the most energy efficient?

Treadle type gravity flush toilet does not need any electric wire connection, completely zero energy consumption. Other energy-saving toilets (operating electric water valves or flush valve motors with minimal power consumption) include box toilets and all-ceramic gravity flush toilets. A pedal-operated flush toilet (the vacuum generator USES only 6 amps of power) is also one of the "low-energy" toilets.


Which fixed toilets are the most water-saving?

Pedal flush type toilet USES water least, electric flush type toilet passes program setting, use water a bit more. However, most electric flush toilets offer "normal" and "low" flush options that help control water use.

Gravity flush toilets use less water because they don't require extra water to flush the toilet. Vacuum-type toilets also use less water because they use the vacuum flushing mechanism and keep the downpipes clean without the need for extra water.


Which kind of toilet has the least noise?

Boxed, portable and pedal-powered flush toilets have no electric motors, meaning they don't make noise. The toilet that takes slow close seat cover can prevent toilet lid heavy drop, it is worth considering absolutely another noise reduction choice.


Which kind of toilet flush most easily?

The waste from gravity flush toilets can "pile up" in the bin, making it harder to flush, and it is easier to clean up the powder from a leachate or vacuum toilet than it is from the ground up. In fact, unlike gravity flush and boxed toilets, such toilets rarely leave any trash in the bin after washing, eliminating the risk of clogging the toilet as the toilet paper clumps up.


Which type of flushing device should you choose?

Since the late 1970s, most domestic trailers have used pedal-powered flush toilets. Recently, however, the use of remote-controlled switches or electronic flush handles for electric washing style more and more popular.

Some electric flush switches are equipped with "fill up" shutoff options, which can cut off the toilet power to avoid overloading the bin. While most rv toilet systems allow you to determine when the bin is full (either through an internal waste tank monitoring system, or looking down at the toilet when the flush valve is open), not all toilet systems have a function of preventing the bin from overflowing.


How to maximize the comfort of a toilet?

Most people think toilet seat is the most convenient and comfortable to use. Hand-held sprinklers have become a popular option, allowing extra flushing of the toilet when needed. It is also a common upgrade to simply replace the plastic toilet seat cover with enamelled wood or with the cover of a toilet seat that is closed slowly. When using a toilet in a dark environment, the remote-controlled flush switch is not only easy to use, but also has practical backlighting.

However, if you don't have space, weight, or budget constraints, you can opt for the most advanced model: an all-ceramic vacuum toilet with a cover for a slow closure. This kind of toilet flushing water effect is the best, no smell, water - saving and power - saving and thoroughly flushing water, unclogging. Anyone who has used it will praise it.


How is your toilet system not harmful to the environment?

Can use environmental - friendly waste box treatment liquid, into the package or dissolving tablets. If the toilet system offers a low-capacity flush option, you can also choose this option to save water. Gravity flush type, box type and portable toilet do not need electricity, also very environmental protection!

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