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A practical modification of the waterway part of the RV

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A practical modification of the waterway part of the rv

The changes in the water route of finished trailers are relatively few, and the water route of the trailers produced by the factory can basically meet the needs of normal daily life of trailers. What I want to talk about is how to save energy (including water, electricity, fuel, etc.) and how to be more optimized and reasonable, not only for the sake of beauty but also for the convenience of human use.

To get back to business, I'm going to tell you today that you can easily get three or more usage scenarios with one of the simplest changes. First, the water outside the vehicle when it is parked; Second, the rapid transformation into the car outside the shower use; Third, when there is a tap beside the parking lot, the water can be supplied to the car quickly, and the water in the car can be realized without opening the pump. Imagine the rest.

How? Best outside installation location is on the right side of the car tail, first external water easy to use and convenient, the second is suitable for the installation with external expansion tank and work station, only need to drill a small hole in the body installed on the faucet and carriage pipe connection is ok, choose a double universal head, a pacifier head style of faucets, universal head is convenient to adjust Angle, water fast pacifier head can be plugged into an external pipe or shower shower use. If there is a water source that can be connected to the parking place, then the spare water pipe can be quickly connected to the water pipe of the nipple outside the car to realize the simultaneous use of water outside the car and inside the car. Besides, there is no need to turn on the water pump inside the car. Because the water pipes are connected with each other at this time there is external tap water to have the water pressure, so the car in the car is as simple and convenient as using tap water at home.

The water stored in the clean water tank on the trailer can only be used for washing and gargle but not for drinking. This is because the first clean water tank is not clean enough, and the second is that the water source that is often used outside is not good enough. In the post, I saw that some car friends would add filters to purify water and drink it. You can remove impurities and sediment particles but not bacteria and microbes. Any rv in his pool below store content box can easily put down a big barrel or two barrels of drinking water (household water dispenser standard 5 gallons barrels), as long as to make small changes, on the table next to the original traffic leading 10 cm install straight drinking water faucet connection a household water machine internal use of diaphragm pump and hydraulic pressure control switch installed within the store content ark and tube direct drinking special PC connection pumps and net bucket, thus to realize the safe drinking water device on the car, feed water pump power supply open straight drinking water faucet can receive clean water.

The general introduction can give you an inspiration. Different trailers may have different locations, but the method is the same. Maybe such a description is not very intuitive, and it is irrelevant.

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