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How to install water tank

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There are many people who don't know how to install the water tank of the RV, so I'm here today to share a little experience with you, and I hope it can help you.


  1. The RV will have a standard water tank, which can be replenished at any time during the journey. If you need to travel far, you can also prepare water storage equipment or add water tanks.
  2. The capacity of water tank is 70 -- 100L commonly, unfavorable too small, too big also improper, a big cistern will causes a vehicle to be overweight easily.
  3. The gray water tank is a water tank for collecting ordinary waste water, such as bath water and vegetable washing water. The black water tank is a water tank that collects the waste water discharged from the toilet and only "serves" the toilet.
  4. Sewage treatment: the sewage tank of the RV is above the chassis and can be connected with the sewage pipe of the camp for sewage disposal. Or use mobile sewage tank, can take out sewage.
  5. Both the sewage tank and the black water tank of the RV have an electric/manual drain valve, which can be electrically drained, or can be manually drained in the absence of electricity.

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