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How to select RV sink

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In the RV is an essential part of in the kitchen sink, also is a kind of appliance, journey is commonly used because it is a very small thing, so tend to ignore the choice of the sink when the choose and buy the kitchen utensils, it is a mistake, don't look down upon the sink, the appliance can reflect master life taste, the following is about how to choose and buy RV kitchen sink detailed introduce for everybody.

How to choose the kitchen sink?



The steel plate thickness of the stainless steel sink is better choice of around 0.8 1.2 mm, can choose 304 # stainless steel material, such as the sink more toughness, can in a large extent to avoid the damage caused by impact, at the time of testing can be pressed forcibly sink surface, look to whether solid, if you would press down means that material is very thin, want to choose carefully.


The weight

Stainless steel is an iron alloy with heavy metals of nickel and chromium added into it. Therefore, it is heavier than pure steel. If fake products are generally lighter, we can judge from this.



There are two welding methods for stainless steel flume. One is that the basin is welded together with the panel, which is generally beautiful in appearance, and it is not easy to find the welded joint. The other is two single basin butt welding into one, which is more solid and practical, but it is easy to see welding marks, relatively poor flatness.



At present, generally used internationally, the height of the tank is more than 7 inches, because of its large capacity and can effectively prevent water from splashing out.


Surface flatness

Sink of surface roughness is the intuitive for testing quality and the grade standard, can be the line of sight and sink plane look consistent, should ensure that no convex edge sink and warp, etc., the error is smaller than 1 foot, flatness bad sink, not only affect beautiful, but also easy ooze water or appear the phenomenon such as oil.



Drains and the use of the pipe quality will be directly related to the sink, so it is very important, good sewer pipe material should be PP material or UPVC, such material sealing is higher, elastic, prevent heat, crack, and long service life, design reasonable, deodorization, easy to install, it is not easy to appear jams, water seepage, and so on and so forth.


Noise elimination

Generally, the bottom of the sink will have a sound pad or silencing coating, which can prevent water leakage and reduce noise. If not, the quality of the sink is relatively poor.

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